Stand FX320

Coopers Fire is a British company manufacturing re and smoke curtain barrier systems in the United Kingdom for installation worldwide.
Coopers Fire invented and patented the Gravity Fail Safe (GFS) Smoke and Fire Curtain, which has become the benchmark for most smoke and re curtain systems sold around the world today.

Due to the high performance and reliability of Coopers Fire products, they have been specified and installed in some of the world’s landmark buildings like The Shard, Dubai Mall, The Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Sydney Opera House.

Coopers Fire are dedicated to advancing re and smoke barrier curtain technology and improving ways to safeguard life and property. This commitment to developing innovative products that are robustly tested and independently certified has meant that Coopers Fire has become the benchmark used by Regulators, Architects, Engineers and other Fire Professionals worldwide.

At Coopers Fire, we’re proud of the fact that every re and smoke curtain and their key components are manufactured, installed and serviced within the Cooper Group of Companies to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 at our manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom.

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