Stand FX114

Firetrace Limited specialise in automatic fire suppression systems using unique, patented detection tube technology.

Firetrace systems operate pneumatically & extinguish fires at source without the need for external power or electrical installation. The Firetrace system is always operative even during energy break down.

Firetrace is ideal for many applications and can easily be retrofitted to existing equipment. The various methods of installation of the Firetrace automatic detection tube allow adaptation to almost any object or fire risk that requires protection.

The simple design of the Firetrace® fire suppression system allows for a minimum of maintenance work. There is a greatly reduced risk of malfunction because there are virtually no moving parts, which reduces the risk of false alarms.

All Firetrace fire suppression systems are CE marked and manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

Firetrace® has been manufacturing fire suppression systems for over 20 Years and has a vast experience in the Fire industry. We have a number of documented success stories where the systems have both detected and extinguished fires with little or no damage to the equipment.

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