Stand FX650

(FireTIR) detection system. The system features fixed infrared cameras connected to a user-friendly software interface through which the surface temperatures of the area being protected are monitored in real time. The image from each camera can be divided into zones, allowing specific risk areas to be identified and to also establish non-detection areas. High or low pre-alarm and alarm set temperatures can be programmed for each zone, with outputs to fire alarm and process control systems. FireTIR is suitable for a wide range of applications, including storage and handling plants, manufacturing industries, transport and power generation. For hazardous areas, camera enclosures are available to IP66 or ATEX certification, with automatic camera lens cleaning ensuring the system is ideally suited to dusty environments.

Alongside FireTIR, Patol will also be showing the latest developments in its LHDC products.
In addition to the extensive range of cables manufactured by Patol at its Reading facility, the company also offers the Sensa range of fibre optic linear heat detection cables.

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